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What the G20 Should Do…

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I wrote a piece (with Jérôme Creel)   on the G20 meeting, that just appeared on the web edition of Le Monde.

In short, we argue that (unfortunately) it will not radically change matters in the EU.  The precedent of  the London  G20 meeting  in 2009 is not encouraging. Too many promises ended up being written on the sand…

We also argue that the only possible long term fix for the EMU woes is a radical rethinking of its economic governance, that puts back at the center of the stage discretionary policies.

Finally, out of the meeting  should emerge  a firm commitment (followed by acts) of the G20 to fight the resurgence of protectionism.

An English version of our piece  should follow soon.